Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hair cut- Vanessa Hudgens?

ok i have long blonde hair with no bangs. I want to have my hair cut like vanessa Hudgens in this picture :

My only concern is that it might be a very dificult haircut (it might not be, idk im realy bad on those kind of things) and it just looks easy because she had some professional stylist do it for her. I afraid that it will be hard and the hair dresser will not get it right and it will look terrible. Does anybody know if it is a simple cut? I also want to know if it needs a lot of work to keep up like as in styling in the morning.

I have a face shaped just like hers except my chin is a tad more pointy. Would this haircut even look good on me in the first place?

This is really important my appointment is in the morning.

Thanks a lot!

Hair cut- Vanessa Hudgens?

It's actually quite a common haircut. i have it as well. just ask for a sweeping fringe and indicate the length. then ask for some short layers like she has and a side parting. but be warned that unless ur hair is as straight as her u wont be getting the same style. and ask for the same length. you can also take some pictures, the hairdresser will be really grateful for this. here are some more pics i found of her with the same hair:

hope this helps!!

Hair cut- Vanessa Hudgens?

That's like a shoulder length layered look and unless you have someone for 5 hours doing your hair each morning, it won't look like that ;)

Go for something more realistic, she's got professionals.

Hair cut- Vanessa Hudgens?

go to a hairdressers and book an appointment.

to them it will be an easy cut and should'nt take long to do.

they are the professionals after all.

i would think it will look beautiful on you.

you will see, just trust me.

i hope everything goes well!

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