Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Should I cut my hair or let it grow out?

I am a 16 yr. old male that used to have long hair until a week ago when my little brother cut most of my hair off while I was sleeping (needless to say im real pi**ed about it). My hair right now kind of looks like a normal short haircut and no hair length at all in the back. My hair looks very "choppy" in the back because the way my brother cut my hair...Anyway...My question is, if I want to grow it long again, (in the back and on the sides), should I let it grow out the way it is even with the "chops", or should I go to the barber and get the chops evened out so it will grow evenly? Information and advice is greatly appreciated.

Should I cut my hair or let it grow out?

Hello. First of all I'm very sorry about what your brother did. I would have to say that at your age the long hair looks very good and with the additional information I would have to say to let it grow, but in the mean while try to do the best with your hair, while its still growing try new cuts and looks. Eventually it will grow back, and a tip I could give you and believe me it works, is to trim it often and when ever you take a shower take a little bit more time massaging it, so it could grow faster.

Good Luck

Should I cut my hair or let it grow out?

make the front choppy too, but go to a hairstylist to get that done! i personally like the choppy style, and all the popular boy's at school have it, and they also get tons of "admirers" (as in girls swooning over them)

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