Sunday, July 26, 2009

I need hair adviceex.haircut&maybe colour?

I'm pretty satisfied with the colour of my hair right now i only want to get a nice hair cut. My hairs pretty long it goes about a few centimeters past my shoulders(5-7 cm). I want nothing that goes to much above my shoulders. I still want medium length hair, but i want more volume to it. Right now it looks flat. I need pictures so please send linx to pics of your hair styles/chosen hair models. I'm getting it done this Wednesday so ineed some advice thanks a lot!

Ps if you'd like you can also suggest different shades of blonde if you'd like for me to try that out,

Also keep in mind i don't want short bangs!


I need hair adviceex.haircut%26amp;maybe colour?

try layered hair

i think this one is good for you.

I need hair adviceex.haircut%26amp;maybe colour?

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