Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hair cut for round face?

what is the best hair cut my face is like vanessa hudgens when she's not smiling. I have short hair with short bagns and I DO NOT LIKE IT! It's layerd which i like......

so basicly i want long layerd hair with long side bangs and brown streaks at the bottom but is there any other cut that would look just as great? Pics?

Hair cut for round face?

Ok. in my fashion class we learned about faces and since you have a round face your gonna want to stay away from hairstyles that are shorter than your sholder and straight across bangs. Some good tips for your face type is to swoop your bangs to one side and ALWAYS part your hair off center. You want to part your hair off center because it make you face look less round. Darker hair would probably look great on you ,so the brown streaks are a good idea.Anouther thing to avoid is to make your hair poofy at your cheek bones because people with round faces there largest part of there face is there cheek bones so try no to layer your hair alot there because it will make your face apear larger. Good luck and i hope thease tips helped!

Hair cut for round face?

the bob definatly i have a round face to and i have something sort of like a bob it is longer in te front and sorter in the back but not like a lot longer or shorter so i would definatly do the bob or one like mine ethans sister

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