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What hair cut will work for me?

I have very thick brown hair. I have oval face shape (I think) and high cheekbones. Medium tone skin with hazel eyes (lots of brown and green). During the summer it has been so hot.. I am not liking my longer thick hair. I also am not too experienced and am not willing to spend a long time working on my hair in the morning. I don't know if this is true.. but I am afraid if I cut my hair shorter it will make me look fatter. I always have my hair in a ponytail or bun which shows my whole face anyways. I am losing weight and want to do this change to help boost self confidence and give me a little shove in the right direction. I want something dramatic but something that would actually look good on me! Help! :)

What hair cut will work for me?


Congratts to losing weight, you rock!

Hairdressers can specifically cut your hair to make it thinner or thicker, so ask your hairdresser if he/she can cut it to go thinner.

Trust me this work's.

Get a side fringe or long bangs because if you get them at the right length they can frame your face, and especially if you have high cheekbones!

Oval faces suit fringes aswell, so i definately think you should go for one!

If its straight already keep it straight cause it can flatter your face shape, curly hair can make your face look fatter, which isnt good!

[That wasnt saying anything btw. XD]

get it cut just above your shoulders or just below!

I hope this helped a bit.

Good luck with your losing weight stuff and with your hair!



What hair cut will work for me?

Get, like a layered look. Not real layered because you dont want to have it be scene hair. But get it layereed and not real thin and about to your shoulders a bit over.

that should work

hope i helped:)?

What hair cut will work for me?

Shoulder length hair would look cute if you have high cheekbones. Also if you don't have bangs, cutting some will create a new look for you. Hope this helps! Also if you cut your hair cut it in layers.

What hair cut will work for me?

You sound exactly like me. Haha. My hair was like, half way down my back, and I chopped it off and dyed it because i'm losing weight and wanted to feel better. For me, it worked. It might be easier if you had a picture? If you feel comfortable doing so, you could email me with a picture and I could help you out with a cut? Anyway, choppy layers just below the chin would be cute. :)

Anyway, good luck!!

And my email is

What hair cut will work for me?

You could get a perm so it's curly, or have it thinned. Anything cut with a razor will make it look lighter and more feather-y, so you won't have blunt edges. The best thing to do is schedule a consultation with a hair stylist to get some ideas, then schedule a session to get whatever haircut you decide on once you had a chance to think it over.

What hair cut will work for me?

get your hair in long layers..and just past the shoulders maybe..i wouldn't get it cut too short if your hair is that thick..but if you do..dont get a bob..make sure you have lots of cute layers..also..a side swept bang would look really cute.

What hair cut will work for me?

Try medium angled layers - from bottom of cheekbones to back of neck, or chin length to shoulders. Also try wispy bangs - they make a great difference!

Congratulations on getting in shape!

What hair cut will work for me?

You should ask your hairdresser for some helpful hints on easy ways to maintane your hair in the least amount of time

It doesn't take logn to put some anti-frizz spray in your hair

Or deep conditioning your hair once a week

I also think you should asked to get your hair thinned,and get some layers that shape your face

You should also just try letting your hair out once and a while and showing the beautiful you.

And welldone for the weight loss GO YOU!

Hope that helped.

What hair cut will work for me?

well maybe you can cut it short but in layers and that wont make you look fat or you can get layers i have layers only in the front though and you can say im not skinny nor fat just in between that might work and it not that hard you can still put it in a ponytail or here are some suggestions:

hope thats help good luck

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