Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Suggestions for hair styles?

I'm going tomorrow to get my hair cut, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good type of cut for me to get. I want to keep my hair long, but give it some sort of shape or something. I've always just kept it at one length (or with bangs when I was little) and I'm very much overdue for a change. Here's what my hair looks like currently:

The curls are natural, and last until I brush my hair out after it's dry.

This is a more every-day look. My hair doesn't usually get quite this straight anymore, though.

Suggestions for hair styles?

Wow, like dude, your hair is so pretty!! There is alot of it though so if you cut off like 5-6 inches it will probably be really curly. One thing 4 sure don't do bangs because the bangs will be short so they will totally like curl all narley and tight. So it might not match the rest of your hair which will be more wavy.(I say this from experience) In the second pick you did not look like a product junkie so like just cut off a few inches and watch your hair spring to life if you want low maintenance. If you know your way around a blow dryer then you could do something drastic and fun like cutting it from any where between the bottom of your neck to beneath your ear. This would be exciting and your curls would define more. Still babe I don't even know you and your the one who needs to choose one style to fit ur preference and life style. Choose What you like, and what fits your face shape, look thru some mags, and make sure your stylist knows exactly what you want. Don't be bossed around, and the best thing that goes with a hair cut is a smile!!

Suggestions for hair styles?

Wow i love your hair,it's beautiful =]

Anyway maybe get it trimmed a little so its not so long just a bit,and get a soft side type fringe that you can put to the side

maybe get your hair straightened[you can get perminant type straighting]

Suggestions for hair styles?

ask your hairstylist what kind of cut will look best with curls and will require the least amount of time to style...but i suggest layers that start down about your chin to add more bounce. i suggest cutting off 2-3 inches

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