Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hair question?

i am a girl

and i have long face.

i also have long hair and medium length bangs.

what hairstyle would suit me?

just remember i have long face.

and i dont wanna get perm nor i dont wanna cut it too short.

(i might straight my hair and cut it and something liek that)

any idea????

would these kind of hair suit long face??

tell me if each one of them suit me.

i have long face!!

andd tell me what hairstyle i should go for.

Hair question?

Go to any beauty salon and they will give you pictures of different hairstyles and there are lots of them.

Hair question?

ok we get it your face is long sheesh and none of your links work so idk

Hair question?

I think your hair seems fine already!

Hair question?

Sorry they all kinda were unavailable.

wish i cud help

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