Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hair catastrophe?

I got my layers from a professional hairstylist, and I never like the results when I get my hair cut professionally. I noticed my layers weren't blending together very well so I decided to give both layers a minor trim to see if it would help. That worsened the problem and I looked like a man. I trimmed my bangs a little to see if that would help. Then I looked like a cross between David Spade and my brother's 5th grade picture. In a fit of rage, I cut off the entire bottom layer even with the top layer. Now it's above my shoulders, which looks horrible because I'm tall with big shoulders and a long neck. I used to have nice full wavy hair and now all I'm left with is a hideous bob that makes me look like a little boy with long hair. I'm about ready to cry. Is there anything I can do to make it look less horrible?

Hair catastrophe?

Call the salon and make an appointment to see them tomorrow. I recommend taking a night and relaxing. Try to find out solutions WITHOUT SCISSORS!

If your bangs are too short, then perhaps your stylist can work with them. I managed to make 'side swept' bangs from my way-too short bangs...

Give the scissors to a trusted family member who will keep them away from you. Now sit in front of the mirror, take a piece of paper and start listing PROS, CONS and OPTIONS about what to do with your hair. There are lots of trendy short hair options that look ok with long necks and larger shoulders.

If you have wavy hair, suggest to the stylist that you get softer layers to bring out your natural texture.

DO NOT go back to the stylist you saw today. Call the salon and ask to see someone else, or call a different salon.

I feel your pain. At the beginning of the summer I went to this salon and asked her to trim the length of my hair and said, "DO NOT touch my bangs", I left the salon with Bif Naked bangs (circa 1990s) and a bob. I looked like a drag queen. I have an oval face and a biggish forehead, so blunt bangs ending midforehead was NOT a good look. I had a wedding three days later...

Google 'short and medium hair cuts', print out things you like. You can bring in a couple pictures and they can hopefully make one that works for you.

Sorry about the hair! I feel your pain...

Hair catastrophe?

you should look online or through magazines or something to find a hair style that will be a little sshorter than what you have now. just make it look better. you may not like it for a while but hair always grows back :-)

Hair catastrophe?

Go back to a professional salon (probably a different one than the first) and see what they can do with what you have left.

When you go, bring your scissors with you and LEAVE THEM THERE.

Hair catastrophe?

maybe hair extensions?

Hair catastrophe?

you could always try hair extensions.

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