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Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

i used to have long hair and i cut it, and i regret it but now i want to grow it back. i know i just have to wait, but are there ways to make it grow a little quicker. and will straightening it or using hair products make it grow any slower? thanks!

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

I had this exact same problem. I cut my hair a long time ago and it wouldn't grow back for the longest time. I realized that after I cut it I was using way too much heat and washing my hair way too often. If you use a lot of heat, try minimizing it a bit so your hair doesn't dry out so much. Also, leave in conditioners are great for that as well. Another thing that helps is a healthy diet. Once I figured these things out my hair started growing a lot more than it ever has. Good luck! :)

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

don't shampoo every day, wash with cold water, trim it often, and use a leave in conditioner.

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

Sit in the greenhouse

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

Ride The Dragster at Cedar Point. That'll put hair on your chest as well.

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

hair restoration... anything else that you can bye at walmart is not going to work.

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

There is no way really to make your hair grow faster. I am sorry, but if you get it trimmed a little, it will eventually grow because you are trimming the ends, so that they can grow. Straightening or using hair products will not make it grow any slower. Not getting your ends trimmed will probably make it slower. Hope this helps!

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

never use heat, brush ur hair often, gently!

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

um theres a pill you can take that will make your hair and nails grow faster.

and if you trim your hair when its a full moon it will grow faster.

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?


try these websites,,

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

How to achieve faster hair growth.

I have found so many girls are worried about their hair growth. They need faster hair growth. They want to know about faster hair growth techniques. What I have to say is, give proper hair care to fast hair growth. If you give a suitable circumstance for hair growth it will grow automatically. For that you need to know what a proper circumstance for hair growth is.

First of all you have to do the basic hair care routine. That will give hair a healthy condition. Make sure you don閳ユ獩 have dandruff or splitends or dryhair or oilyhair or hairloss etc. which will affect hair growth. If you have any of these things then give care to avoid that. Do hot oil massage and protein treatment once in a week. Applying any of the fruit pack also helps faster hair growth.

Hair is made up of protein. If you have lack of protein it may affect hair growth. Have protein food. Meat and egg contains protein. If you are vegetarian then use soy protein or use green dhal etc.

If your hair is not healthy use mild hair products. Excessive hair coloring may affect not only your hair growth but it damages your hair also.

Generally hair growth rate is half an inch a month is normal, though even a third of an inch is also pretty common. Hair growth depends on many factors, like what you eat, the season of the year, etc. so there are limits beyond which you can't go. For instance, you can't expect that your hair will grow 2 inches in a month only because you wash it everyday. On the contrary, when you wash it everyday, chances are that you will exhaust it pretty soon. It is true that if you wash your hair frequently, it will help hair growth faster but never forget that frequent washes also lead to hair loss.

Besides washing your hair frequently, cutting it often also stimulates hair growth. There is no optimal recommendation that is valid for everybody but washing your hair once a week and cutting it once in 6-8 weeks is generally the best combination to stimulate hair growth without stimulating hair loss. Washing your hair (this of course means using a shampoo) stimulates hair growth but you can achieve similar results even if you only wet it from time to time 閳?i.e. just dampen it a little without using any soap or shampoo. Wetting your hair a couple of times a day, which is probably what you subconsciously do in the heat of the summer, is a fine way to growth. You can use rosemary sprays instead of water for wetting.

Cutting your hair regularly is also useful. As hair grows long, it tends to get damaged at the ends, so if your stylist removes the damaged ends, this will also help you grow longer hair.

A really powerful way to encourage hair growth is by massaging it gently and by using special masks, balms, pastes, lotions, etc. Even good old combing a couple of times a day is a great way to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn stimulates hair growth. There are even special formulas for hair regrowth (i.e. when you have lost your hair, how to make it regrow again), though even most of the conventional remedies for hair care and for hair loss prevention also work. The assortment of recipes, remedies, masks, etc. for stimulating hair growth is really great and one thing that you can do is to check about some national recipes.

Vitamins for hair growth.

Hair loss or baldness is caused mainly due to the lack of Vitamin B supplements. Vitamin B5 contains pantothenic acid and B3 (niacin that is vital for hair growth). B6 is equally important to the body, as it contains the nutrients of zinc, sulfur, magnesium and biotin.

The body also requires Vitamin A. Fatty acids such as primrose oil, flaxseed oil or salmon oil need to be consumed for enhancing hair growth.

Vitamin E is meant for stimulating the oxygen intake in the body and improves the blood circulation. If there is proper blood circulation, hair growth is enhanced. Vitamin C assists the normal functioning of capillaries that carries the blood to the scalp. Even zinc is an important supplement, which should be consumed as it assists hair growth.

Biotin is necessary for hair growth. There are many sources of biotin such as brewer's yeast, brown rice, bulgur, green peas, lentils, oats, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and walnuts. It is present in some shampoos, so you can use shampoos, which contain biotin. It is advised to consult a physician before taking any vitamins or medications for hair growth.

Nutritional tips to hair growth.

1. Eat adequate amounts of protein.

Protein is composed of the amino acids essential for the building of new cells, including hair. Five amino acids are of particular relevance to hair growth - cystine, cysteine, methionine, arginine and lysine.

Inadequate protein intake over a lengthy period can force hair into the resting phase with shedding a few months later. It is obvious then that sufficient portions of protein rich foods should form part of your daily diet. The best sources of dietary protein are lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, soy, nuts, grains and seeds. At least 15% of your daily calories should come from protein-rich foods.

2. Eat adequate amounts of useful carbohydrates.

Carbs are an essential source of energy and help in the growth of body tissues, including hair. They are an important source of the B vitamins that are vital to healthy hair.

It is important that you concentrate on consuming non-refined carbs rather than the sugars and white flour that are so prevalent in many over-refined carb products. You should place an emphasis on consuming vegetables, fruits, whole grains, brown rice and potatoes. It is recommended that you obtain 55-60% of your daily calories from the carbohydrates found in these foods.

3. Achieve a healthy balance of dietary fats.

Fat is used in energy production and can be found in both animal and plant foods. Your body needs sufficient levels of fat to maintain good health. That fat should be obtained from a mixture of lean animal and plant sources. Roughly 25-30% of your daily calories should come from these sources.

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

This is going to sound weird...but prenatal vitamins. They help your hair grow longer, and your nails as well! Also, make sure you get your hair trimmed around every 6 weeks. This gets rid of your split ends which causes your hair to break off. My last suggestion is kind of gross, but it's super healthy for you hair: only wash it once every week or two. Still condition it when you shower, but limit the shampoo to that amount. Everyday shampooing cleans off not only the bad oils, but the good oils your hair needs as well. Good luck!

Are there ways to make hair grow a little faster?

im a guy and i take prenatal vitamins , sea kelp ,childrens flintstone vitamins and biotin to grow mt hair and nails longer.

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