Saturday, August 1, 2009

What do i do with my long curly hair !!!?

All my life i have had long curly hair a little below my ears and about halfway into my eyes !! But I just let it grow out and trim it so it dont get any longer. Its thick and it gets really poofy and when i put a hat on it curly over the hat. It really makes me look like a freak... when i cut it i dont like it very much .. So idk what to do . I dont want it short. Some people said layer it and i never tried before so idk what its gonna look like. Any suggestion? :D

What do i do with my long curly hair !!!?

sounds like u have beautiful hair!

i woudn't layer it too much. layers cause your hair to curl up

more, it takes the weight away so the hair is more bouncy which looks poofy. if u must layer, which i really don't recommend, do long layers and wear some gel or some biosilk will help with the frizz. write back if u need more help, good luck!

What do i do with my long curly hair !!!?

havent you ever tried to cut it short

my brother had the same problem but he just cut a short and it looked way way better and not poofy

What do i do with my long curly hair !!!?

I'd say go get a really good straightening iron from a good beauty store/salon. My friend's hair is super duper poofy because she's tamil. And she got this great straightening iron for about 200 bucks. Now her hair could be as straight as mine (i'm asian so i have really straight hair) when she straightens it.


what you can do is to use mouse and put it all over your hair just to brighten your hair colour and to make it appear as shinier.

What do i do with my long curly hair !!!?

takes poof out leaves silky curls

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